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A traveller and his friend are looking at leaflets about Seville, hoping to find the best place to stay.
I want to truly discover Seville. Sleep surrounded by history.
He goes through a leaflet, then another. And another. He can't find the perfect establishment but he knows it exists. It's out there.
Stop looking, mate. This could be the hotel we've been dreaming of.
It's exactly as he'd imagined. Everything he'd been looking for. Charm. Authenticity. Beauty. History. Seville seen through privileged eyes.

The traveller is now in front of Hotel Simón, his cases at his feet. He's a little disorientated, with the hotel's sign visible behind him.
I reckon I'm about to enjoy some memorable days.
Exhaustion doesn't dampen his excitement. He's been waiting for a long time. Ahead lies the excitement of being able to experience extraordinary moments.

He's given the keys to his room. Then the receptionist speaks.
Mr Nelson, here are your keys. Have a great stay.
He takes the keys and follows the receptionist's indications to his room. In awe, he stops before every painting. Every shelf. Before each of the antiques hidden within the hotel. He notes something different here. There's a secret waiting to be discovered within its walls.

The traveller finds himself in his room, his cases next to the bed and him now sitting looking at a map of the city.
I've got it all worked out. I'm going to make the most of my time here.
On the map are many red circles. They highlight each of the places he wants to explore. Every step and movement, all within a stone's throw of his hotel. But things don't work out quite as he'd planned.

He exits the hotel, but the street has changed. Only the facade is the same. Everything else around him looks historic, as though he's travelled back in time to the Spanish Golden Age.
I'm sure this is the same street I was on before.
No. It's not. Under his feet is a dirt track. On the horizon is a street bustling with pedestrians, horses, ruins and stalls. The hubbub makes movement difficult. Everything is authentic.

Upon seeing the disorientated traveller, a pedestrian stops before him. He is a merchant but he doesn't try to sell him anything, rather he wants to guide him.
You haven't seen true wonder until you've seen Seville.
These are the only words the man utters. Time seems to have stopped. In fact it has. At that moment, the traveller understands what is happening. He has the chance to experience something unique.

Now he is in front of Seville's cathedral. It is still under construction. Around it is a square with a large number of people (mobile stalls, merchants, sailors, children running...).
Something divine has taken place in this city.
Although the traveller has reached the city walls, he looks around him, perplexed. The cathedral and its bell tower. He looks from one side to the other, seeking every detail. There's no time to think, only soak in living history.

He meets Cervantes, the writer, seated at a table and holding a feather, papers covering the table.
If you can feel it, you can explain it.
Sitting there on a humble stool, the author of Don Quixote plays with his ideas. An unspoken agreement is signed between both. The traveller is committed to experiencing with the five senses everything that he can see. Only then can he express it in words.

He heads to the Santa Cruz district.
If the world could see Seville in the same light, it would understand true beauty.
The traveller does not follow a regular route. He walks, he enjoys every scene that emerges before his eyes like a story told from a book. He drinks in the multicultural nature that invades the streets and gives the city a special atmosphere.

He comes across Velázquez painting in some gardens.
Make your dreams your goals and they will become reality.
A life lesson, before and after. The path continues. Only then can dreams become reality. If you believe in them you can achieve them. And he does, step by step.

He walks parallel to the wall. A large gateway with a large number of people and carts moving through it provides access to the city.
Stones that, with time, took the secrets of Seville with them.
A toll booth grants access to the city. Merchants continue moving. In a low voice he begins to read the lines engraved in the Puerta de Jerez. The history of a city written into its walls.

Opposite the Torre del Oro he observes the bridge and the Guadalquivir River filled with ships. There he meets Lope de Vega, who reels off a seguiriya.
They come from Sanlúcar, slicing the water at the Torre del Oro, ships of silver.
Ships arriving via the river unload their colonial riches on the banks of Triana. Seville, the economic capital of Old Europe. The epicentre of the world. A clash of cultures unfurl before the traveller's eyes.

Alone, he is lost on a street. A small alley with houses made from wood, brick and stone.
What's interesting about this life is making your dreams come true. I can say that I did.
Exhausted. Amazed. Trying to understand what's happening. The Seville shown on stamps, people he'd read about, artists that fill museums. Now they take new form. A real, palpable identity.

He awakes in his bed in his hotel room.
That dream was my gateway to reality.
A fine line separates fiction from reality. Past from present. The traveller crosses that threshold. Lost between both worlds, he awakes from his slumber. He had been captured by the hotel's charm and magic.

He leaves Hotel Simón again and finds present-day Seville.
Two Sevilles in one. The classic and the contemporary. Two ways of taking it with me.
In silence, he wanders the streets, takes in the lights, watches the people, smells the aromas. Everything takes on a new light. He has been lucky enough to be able to fuse two different eras. He has discovered the essence hiding inside this city. It is a memory that will stay with him and, as he promised, he will try to explain it in exact words. It is something indescribable.



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